Job Training

Training for the new job is almost at an end. Two more weeks and it’ll all be over with; but at this time, I have passed all the pass/fail tests that are in training, so i’m good to go so to speak. After training, will be a few more weeks of mentoring from incumbents, and then i’ll be let loose into the wild world all on my own. Only one more week of training is out of town, so my online time should go back up, depending on when I get home from work each day (variable).

New Car

A little less than a month ago, I bought my first car. It’s a good car, not the one I wanted, but it’s reliable and in pretty good shape for the price. It’s a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Touring Edition); 6 cylinder, automatic transmission. The gas mileage is decent, not perfect, but decent; it gets me where I need to go relatively well, almost 300 miles (290) on a full tank of gas. Need to get the belts replaced, and the alignment worked on, and that’s pretty much it for noticeable maintenance, from a preventative standpoint that is. Though, with how cheap the payments are, I could double the monthly payments and have it paid off in less than a year.


During the out-of-town portions of training (see: 90% of training), I opted not to take my computer as it likely wouldn’t make it somewhere along the trip; it’s both that old, and the I-5 isn’t the best freeway to drive on in SoCal. Instead, I brought my PlayStation 3, as well as SSX (2013), and Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Trilogy. I touched neither game once, save SSX for about 10 minutes. Instead, I opted to use the PS3 and my time at the hotel after training to watch Netflix and Hulu to catch up on shows I had been sorely missing for a good while now.

Catching Up

With Netflix and Hulu in hand, I had a chance to catch up on some shows i’m behind on. Unfortunately, I’m still behind on The Walking Dead, sitting pretty in the first-half of Season 4; I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve fallen out of this show. It’s a good show, but after Season 3, I just haven’t had as much of an interest in the show as much. I started on episode 1 and worked my way to about episode 7, there I sit, as I haven’t watched it for about a month now.

I also spent some time catching up on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show that was, for me anyway, boring at first, but really picked up in the second half of the first season. During my time at the hotel, I caught up on the first 10 episodes of Season 2, and then proceeded to watch the currently available episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter via Hulu. Both of these shows just absolutely astound me in both their production quality and story. I love the fact that both of these shows have their own overarching series plots, with seasonal plots, and episode plots all in one; aaand, they still have connections to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, with direct references to various movies in the MCU.

House of Cards finally debuted it’s third season on Netflix as well. So far, I’m about 11 episodes into the 13 episode season, and it’s been a hell of a season. If you haven’t watched this show, think Game of Thrones, but based within the American political system, specifically the executive and legislative branches. It is, for all intents and purposes, a political thriller; as opposed to the “political drama” tag that’s thrown it’s way by media outlets.

Future Plans

There’s a lot on my plate. Most people assume that I don’t have as much going on as I think I do; but not everyone can see it, partially because they choose to ignore those aspects of my life and disregard them, or they just don’t see that side of my life to begin with. I will be reorganizing my materialistic life at home, such as getting a new bed, desk, etc. For my physical life, I┬áneed to work on improving through exercise, changes in diet, and finally getting the medical and dental care I’ve been living without for the past 6 years. Mentally, well that’s half socially here at home with friends and family, and half academically by attempting to back to school and fix my failed college education. In addition to all of these, I want to be able to spend time working on my life goal of making Zodiac Alliance successful. There’s so much more to Zodiac Alliance than just being a website network, you have no idea.