Patch Notes

Just a bit of an update for everyone who cares, which I’m sure is a very small amount if any at all.

I’ll be starting a new job next week, on January 16; and needless to say this one is a life changing career. Unfortunately, this life changing career may or may not send me away from home for training, which will render my ability to be online null and void during this time, aside from my phone. I’ll finally be able to save up and get a car, get a new computer, and start paying off my student loans from my failed college education. So I guess there is a silver lining after all.

Work towards updating Zodiac Alliance and Sasuke Maniac have taken a setback lately due to a severely decreased amount of free time, but work still continues. At this point in time however, I can’t say for sure how far along I am nor will I be able to properly guesstimate when I’ll even be at a point where I can share more information about the project and invite people in to help shape the final product. Hopefully once all of my training is done for my new job, I’ll be able to focus more time towards completing the project. Every day that passes without the new sites launched is another frustration for me. All in due time I suppose.

Gaming has also seen a setback. Whenever my free time gets hit, my gametime obviously takes a hit too. World of Warcraft’s fifth expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor, finally launched. I got my death knight to level 100 in about two weeks (when most of my social circle did so in one), but haven’t had much time since to play; having only recently geared up well enough to begin heroic dungeon runs. With my subscription running out in just a few days and my new job coming up though; I’ve opted to take a break from WoW until I get back from training (assuming I’m sent away from home), and started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic again, as it just launched it’s latest expansion as well, Shadow of Revan. Leveled my Sith Sorcerer (Sith Inquisitor) from 14 to 33 in just a few days; and I was quickly reminded why I love this game. The immersion. For a “massively multiplayer” game, Bioware certainly excels at making the game feel like one of their dramatic single player adventures.

With the new job, I’ll be looking to purchase a car of some sort. Unfortunately, my job requires a lot of driving, which means finding something with good gas mileage would be ideal, however my credit is in the dumps thanks to student loans, so going to a dealership and buying a new car outright might be a bit complicated, despite the sizeable down payment i’ll be able to afford. Personally, I’d like to get a Scion tC, but I don’t think that’ll happen as much as I’d like for it to happen, but who knows, maybe it will.


That’s all for now,┬ásee you all on the flipside.