I’m not dead yet…

But thanks for caring.

So, just an update on what’s been going on over here.

Near the end of September, I finally got another job. I lost my internet about 1 week before I started work, so I missed the bill and it got turned off.

I have since made plans with a friend of 9 years, to get our own apartment and move out of our respective parents places. We’re moving in December, which I’ll finally be back online once I’m moved in.

The shut off was a huge setback for my projects, specifically work on Zodiac Alliance and Sasuke Maniac. I’ll finally be able to return to working on those. Most people only see moderating the forums and making small updates to the sites every now and then; but in the background, behind the scenes where public eyes can’t see, exists a complete rebuild of the sites to fit our specific needs on a site per site basis, something which we can’t get on third party software like WordPress.

Gaming has been setback as well. Merely a few days after getting shut off, World of Warcraft launched patch 5.4; bringing with it the last tier of raiding for this expansion. I had been waiting for the patch for awhile, playing Star Wars: The Old Republic in the meantime, to which I have a level 43 Sith Juggernaut (Sith warrior). All the updates to PlanetSide 2 without optimization has made the game go from playable to unplayable in a matter of patches; but hopefully with the focus on optimizing the game, I should be able to play it again when I return.

With the new job, I was looking forward to being able to get a PlayStation 4 when it launches, but it looks like I’ll be waiting until spring next year at the earliest, thanks to bills associated with the move.

See you soon, interwebs.