Computer Problems

On February 24th, my computer gave out. Windows Explorer (the desktop shell / GUI) stopped working altogether, where no amount of keyboard shortcut combos or mouse clicks could even attempt to fix. Sleep button? No bueno. Hard reset it is. Reach for that power strip and flip the switch. God have mercy on us all. Turn it back on, Windows fails to load, over and over again for 6 hours straight. It’s dead, Jim.

Almost 3 weeks later, taking most of the time to just not give a fuck and show my PS3 some love; I finally got around to some serious troubleshooting. There was a clicking sound, emanating from one of the drives. With four drives in my computer, plus an additional 2 optical drives; it makes pinpointing a bit harder. Unplug one drive from the power source and the motherboard. Nope, not that one, the clicking noise is still there. Next drive, yes, silence. That was the drive.

Quick, to the Windows 7 Installation Disk! And this is where the drives didn’t play nice once I removed the faulty ones. When you’ve got 3 SATA hard drives and 2 PATA (IDE) optical drives, the motherboard went a bit retarded and couldn’t tell the PATA from the SATA drives; long story short, installing Windows 7 from disk proved to be a futile effort. Oh good heavens no, not Windows Vista! Noooooooooooooooooo!!

Actually, I don’t mind Windows Vista myself, it was always a solid OS when I used it; never had any problems with it, ever, and still to this day have never had any problems with it when I run into it by chance. Back to the story.

The SATA and PATA drives played nicely with the Windows Vista disk though, for some odd reason. Installed Vista Ultimate 64-bit, downloaded the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, and using the Windows 7 ISO on my external, made a Windows 7 Bootable USB. Since my motherboard is picky about Bootable USBs, I just went ahead and started the installation inside of Vista. Before anyone cringes over an “upgrade” (fuck no), I went the same route as booting from disk, “Custom” install so it completely wipes out Vista altogether and installs 7 fresh.


And here I am, Windows 7 Ultimate x64; reinstalling everything that’s essential to my work and entertainment needs.