Another day in Paradise

Today marks my first blog post on the new and improved

It’s based on the WordPress Blogging platform, hosted by the Zodiac Alliance (my company), and runs a modified version of the Roots theme by retlehs, so props to him for the original theme that this is based on. In addition, I will be making more modifications to the theme over the next few weeks, but for now this will do.

Currently, I am in the process of setting up some basic pages that have some info about what I do in my personal time, that I hope you fill find either informative or enjoyable, preferably both given the opportunity. They tend to focus on my interests in entertainment. Currently they only document some basic info about my play style, favorites, etc, etc – depending on what game or other form of entertainment it is. At some point, once I’m done with everything, I’ll probably (most likely if I can create the correct format for doing so) end up making those “pages” become my reviews for whatever it is I am enjoying at the time. But, for the time being, just some general information.

Stay classy.