E3 2017 – It has begun.

E3 2017 is coming! And just like the previous 4 years, I’m doing my quick, no bullshit recaps of each major press event, updated almost immediately after each conference. I will be covering each media briefing – from EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Sony. If Nintendo chooses to have a conference or a Direct this year, I’ll cover them too, as they did neither last year.

I don’t handle post-conference coverage, like show floor interviews or gameplay demos; kind of hard to do that without actually going to E3. There’s more qualified news outlets for such info, like IGN, Easy Allies, GiantBomb, Kinda Funny, GameSpot, etc.

E3 2017 Press Conferences / Media Briefings - Updated February 15, 2017 (Microsoft Announcement)